Friends of Eastergate School (FoES)

Friends of Eastergate School (FoES)

What Is FoES?

FoES (Friends of Eastergate School) is Eastergate School's Parent Teacher Association (PTA) and is an integral part of the school community.  In its time, it has raised many thousands of pounds which have been spent on improving equipment and resources to enhance our children's education and facilities within school.

FoES is registered with the Charity Commission, so we must abide with their rules and regulations and we are bound by a Constitution. The 3 Officers (Chair, Treasurer and Secretary) meet regularly, along with the other committee members to discuss new ideas and upcoming events. We are extremely conscious of the ethos and morals of our school and we try hard when organising and planning events to respect this.

How do we raise money? How is this money spent?

Two of our most popular events are the summer and Christmas Fairs. Most recently we have had the successful addition of a Community Easter Treasure Hunt through the village. Every half term, we hold an after school event for the children including sports, games, bingo, quizzes, Film Fridays and visiting entertainers. Cake sales and uniform sales are also regular features on our calendar!

Once money is raised from events, FoES speak to the school staff about what they would like the money to go towards – almost like a ‘wish list’. We always endeavour to spend our funds in ways that will benefit ALL of the children in our school.

How can I get involved?

All the FoES letters and newsletters are sent home, but can also be read on the school website or school notice board. Volunteering to become a committee member is easy and you would be more than welcome to join us! Come along to the AGM and get involved – or simply ask questions or voice your opinion. Any time you are able to offer, even if you can’t commit on a regular basis, would be fantastic and greatly appreciated.

All of our committee meetings are open if you wish to come along. Finally, we are always extremely grateful to receive donations in support of our school.

Thank you for taking time to visit this page. If you would like more information about getting involved, please contact us by emailing