Pupil Premium and other funding

Pupil Premium

The Pupil Premium(PP) is an amount of money that a school receives based upon the number of children at the school that are entitled to and in receipt of free school meals ( FSM); children who are looked after by the Authority (CLA) and children of service personnel. The purpose of this funding is to target additional money at pupils from the most deprived background to help them achieve their full potential.  Schools have the freedom to spend the Premium in a way that they think will best support the raising of attainment for the most vulnerable pupils.

PE Grant 

This year, the government will continue to give a large sum of money to primary schools in order to improve upon the quality of PE provision. Eastergate Primary School will receive £8550 during the academic year 2015 2016. It is important that all children are offered a high quality physical education and school sport experience. In spending this money, we have been focused on ensuring we continue to select resources and equipment that are sustainable.

This year, we will spend our money on:

  • New playground markings

    We have noticed that many children have lost their ‘creativity’ when playing independently and as a result do not spend their playtimes being as active as they once were. Our hope is that a new playground surface will spark lots of new ideas for playing games together.

    Our school ‘Sports Ambassadors’ will be conducting a survey across the school to find out what new markings the children would like to see on the playground. Once installed, the ambassadors will initially lead these games to encourage children to use their free-time more actively.

    Playground markings provide a broad range of opportunities to extend children’s agility, balance and coordination, both individually and with others. Aside from the physical benefits, the games the children play on/with/around the playground markings will encourage social interaction, turn-taking, fairness, cooperation and respect skills which can be transferred to competitive sports and activities.

  • Fitness Equipment

    We are investing in quality fitness equipment to help fulfil a National Curriculum aim which is to ensure that all children are able to be physically active for a sustained period of time. Some resources will be able to be used under adult instruction for example in Fitness Club, warm-ups in PE or by the teacher on playground duty - but some resources can be used for fitness funindependently for example, at playtime, simply under adult supervision. There is a correlation between sound health and fitness and confidence and success, so we should see benefits in other areas of schooling.